Gilles Ferran winemaker in Rasteau

The name of the winery comes from the nickname given by the people of Rasteau to the black penitent in the 17th century who wore long black coats and own the farm at the time. In Occitan, Escaravaille means beattle.

The Domaine des Escaravailles belongs to the Ferran family for now three generations as it was brought by Gilles Ferran’s Grandfather, Jean-Louis Ferran in 1953.

Gilles Ferran took over the winery in 1999 when he started bottling his first wine, the Rasteau “La Ponce”. He was major of his promotion in oenology in Montpellier and that was over ten years he was working in the winery aside his father Daniel.

The great advantage of the Escaravailles Terroir is to be situated at a high altitude (around 250 m) with steep slopes.
These conditions are fundamental for the quality of the wine as the slope able a perfect drainage and exposition, the clay subsoil preserves some water reserves to delay the hydra stress phenomenal, et especially the altitude optimises an important thermal amplitude between the day and the night, ideal to bring a great harmony and freshness in the wines.

The winery spreads out over 40 hectares on Rasteau and 25 hectares on Cairanne, Villedieu and Saint Roman.
Les soils are divers, but the homogeneity is in the calcareous and clay ground.

Complementary to this, the use of chemicals is very minimalist and the soils are worked all year round mechanically.
The harvest is done manually and two sorting are done, on the vine and at the reception in the cellar.
The grapes are totally destemmed, vinifiyed and aged in a cellar semi underground situated on the heights of Rasteau.

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