In the mid-nineties, Philippe du Roy de Blicquy, winegrower at Domaine de VILLENEUVE in CHATEAUNEUF DU PAPE and his oenologist Philippe CAMBIE, had developed a wine that owes nothing to chemistry and a lot to the respect of natural process involving earth, plant, fruit, harvesting and winemaking.

As Philippe CAMBIE was on his side working in the same spirit with other local estate, he encouraged the contact between the winemaker sharing the same ideas and practices.
The synergy worked naturally and we started to distribute the wines selected under the “LES GRANDES VIGNES DU ROY” , a range of authentic Southern Rhone wines.

We develop every year with our partners a range of wine which express a strong “typicity” which express each particular soil’s unique characteristics.

As no “hard” treatment is here to neutralize their character, these soils hand their specificity over to the fruit, and thanks to the soft physical processing, there to the wine.
Each wine presents a unique character due to the fact that we do not re-blend wines and we proceed to an estate bottling to preserve their authenticity.

We want to propose under that range a mark of quality for our consumers, who tend to be lost in the middle of the French AOC.

This range appears today as a good selection from south Rhone area to please all the Rhone wines lovers!!!

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